Powered by three AAA batteries that come supplied with the Disgo Video Fun, some video footage is stored to SD card.

Although the black and silver Disgo Video Fun isn't exactly a masterpiece of design, it's compact and likeable enough.

The Disgo logo is a little confusing as it's sited immediately below the 2in viewing screen (the typography is disguised by its arrow logo). The power button is midway up the lefthand edge, next to the Disgo Video Fun's awkward, stiffly sprung SD Card slot.

Buttons on the Disgo Video Fun's front let you initiate recording or playback and, unlike most of the budget models, adjust more than the zoom. You can record VGA or QVGA video.

The Mode button switches between video recording, voice recording and playback, while the Menu button on the right of the Disgo Video Fun offers quality settings along with photo stills options. Voice recorder is only in mono, but nonetheless adds an extra dimension to this bargain video camera.

Similarly, the Disgo Video Fun's still camera is a nominal one in terms of detail as it can snag only 1.3Mp still images, but we were impressed to find scene modes, white balance, EV shift, ISO 100 or 200, a choice of standard, vivid, sepia or monochrome, saturation and hard, normal or soft sharpness.

The Disgo Video Fun even has an 8x digital zoom, though it's not the smoothest we've seen. An advantage of it being a digital version, though, is that it is silent in operation. Note that you don't any extra detail by zooming in; just closer to the action. The Disgo's controls are your basic silver painted plastic, but their red arrows make their function clear - something the Kodak ZX1 signally fails to do.

Under artificial light, the Disgo Video Fun's video footage capabilities put on a reasonable show, let down mainly by the pinkish tinge to white backgrounds. In natural light - albeit not on such a sunny day as when we tested some of the other models here - we noticed little fringing with just a slight tendency towards overbrightness.

A further feature is the VP-Eye webcam software that comes on a 3in CD and allows XP and Vista users to use the Disgo for web video chats. Video monitoring and video email plus special effects to add to your images are offered within the VP-Eye webcam program.


We won’t pretend the Disgo Video Fun is a camcorder of the highest calibre. It’s not. But if you’re after a cheap and cheerful model to take on your holidays or to the beach, it’s a compact little number that does the job. The option to tripod-mount it or use it as a webcam make it even better value.