The Zoostorm 65-7508 system is a desktop PC well stocked with high performance components, equipped with not one but two nVidia GeForce GTX 260 graphics cards.

Spend more than £1000 on a PC, and you can expect to get a serious high-end system that can take on just about anything you care to throw at it – home entertainment, video editing, 3D games, as well as the more mundane office-type tasks.

The Zoostorm 65-7508 system is well stocked with high performance components and is certainly tuned toward gaming performance, equipped with not one but two nVidia GeForce GTX 260 graphics cards. With each of these retailing for more than £200, you can see where the parts budget went.

The downside of this is that you get so-so chassis build quality, in the case of the Zoostorm 65-7508, this is a Coolermaster Cavalier 3 case that is reasonably smart from the front in its brushed black and indigo aluminium finish, but not especially solid feeling.

On our sample Zoostorm 65-7508, the fold-out front door which conceals the two optical drive trays and multi-card reader did not sit flush with the case when closed.

Fuelling the Zoostorm 65-7508 is the same E8500 Intel Core 2 Duo processor that frequents our Top 5 charts each month. And for good reason, since at its stock clock speed of 3.16GHz it provides staggering performance, and without the need for an excessive cooling regime to prevent meltdown. To power the system, we have a Hiper HPU-4M880 power supply, specified to 880W so that there should be no strain even with the SLI-configured double GPUs.

Our mid-level graphics test was an easy stroll for the Zoostorm 65-7508 system, turning in 294fps from FEAR at maximum quality settings. Moving to the more challenging Crysis test, we recorded 48 frames per second (fps) with 1024 resolution at ‘very high' quality settings, barely dropping to 43fps at 1440x960.

In real-world performance testing the Zoostorm 65-7508 achieved a WorldBench 6 score of 123, comparable to the fastest machines we usually test in this price category.

When not pushing the system with intensive 3D games, some of the graphics capability can be put to use playing high-definition video. PCNextDay has included two optical drives, the upper one a Blu-ray Disc drive which can play HD films on to the Zoostorm 65-7508's large BenQ LCD monitor. This is a budget 24in LCD panel with 1920x1200 native resolution, so will never need to downscale even for 1080p hi-def video. There's little unwanted ornamentation on this screen, and picture quality is clear if not the brightest we've seen.


Overall build is good, if not in the premier class as we've seen with systems using the Coolermaster Cosmos case. The Zoostorm 65-7508 is PCNextDay's most expensive gaming machine at the moment, and includes enough graphics power to take any modern game in its capable stride. The Zoostorm 65-7508 will be available from PCNextDay from 18 September.