At $1099, the V3 Move 3DS sits in a precarious position. It's too pricey to rank as a budget desktop, despite being saddled with a relatively dinky Core i3 processor. And despite its stellar gaming performance (more on that in a bit), a comparatively paltry WorldBench 6 score leaves V3's cube fumbling around the middle of the mainstream desktop pack. But if you're sold on 3D gaming, or if you need a speedy, portable rig to haul to your next LAN session, V3's Move 3DS is a compelling option.

The chassis of the Move 3DS doesn't inspire much confidence. It's small, which is convenient if your desk is cramped, or if you plan on moving your Move often. A few thumbscrews are all that stands between you and the innards. While the frame itself is solid, the lid once removed feels flimsy. All told, it's not very pleasing aesthetically, but V3's singled-minded march toward gaming prowess wins out in the end.

Slide off the hood, and you'll find a cramped interior. It's not messy by any means, I was actually rather impressed to see that V3 managed to pack so much in without having to make sacrifices like those we've encountered in the compact desktop category. The company has overclocked the Core i3-540 processor to a staggering 3.82GHz, but liquid cooling keeps the temperature (and decibels) in check. You'll also find 4GB of DDR3 RAM, overclocked from 1600MHz to 1660MHz. The 500GB hard drive is a bit skimpy for a category that generally sits at 1TB and beyond, but it's a 7200-rpm laptop drive: speedy, small and (again) silent. Overall, the V3 Move 3DS earned a score of 118 on our WorldBench 6 suite, a decent mark, but dead last among mainstream machines.

V3 Move 3DS

Even so, the Move was built for gaming, and it doesn't disappoint. On our Unreal Tournament benchmark (highest settings, at a resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels), its Nvidia GeForce 460GTX graphics achieved an excellent 86.2 frames per second. The category leading Maingear F131 packs a pair of those cards, and reached 120.3 fps in the same test. It costs twice as much however (and you could probably fit a few of V3's Moves into its monstrous chassis). The Dell Studio XPS 7100 runs a few hundred dollars more than the Move, but its AMD Radeon 5870 graphics card generated only 88 fps. In Dirt 2, the results are similar: The Move 3DS reached 54.8 fps, versus the F131's 85.8 fps and the Studio XPS 7100's 55.5 fps.