Like many recent Chillblast PCs, the Apollo is strong in several areas. Its baseline Windows speed is excellent, with its WorldBench score of 120 almost matching the blisteringly fast newcomers. The Chillblast Apollo’s 4GB of Geil PC2-6400 RAM is certainly a factor in this impressive performance, but Chillblast has a habit of squeezing more out of its components than other manufacturers.

The Chillblast Apollo’s hard disk has a capacity of 500GB – a plentiful amount of storage space, but surprisingly commonplace at this price point.

The 22in Acer flat-panel, meanwhile, is a quality model. It features a digital visual interface (DVI), a fast response rate and a clean, vivid colour palette. We also like the Chillblast Apollo's sound – the X-Fi XtremeAudio works beautifully with the speakers.

The Samsung DVD writer is pretty well-specified although, once again, its speeds are matched by most of the other PCs here. The Chillblast Apollo's software bundle is useful (even if it mainly consists of free utilities), while the warranty is reasonably lengthy.

Power PCs chart ranking (May issue)

  1. Arbico CD8500 PRO
  2. Chillblast Fusion Anaconda
  3. Eclipse Platinum i84n88GTS-SLI
  4. Mesh Pulse 24
  5. Chillblast Apollo