The Shuttle XPC P2 3500G is space-saving, small form-factor desktop PC tailored towards gaming.

Shuttle PCs are a great way to save space without having to resort to a laptop. They take up very little desk space, are small and light enough to be portable and you can upgrade them internally with standard PC components.

Shuttle PCs also take desktop CPUs which can run considerably faster than those available in laptops.

The Shuttle XPC P2 3500G is just such a system tailored towards gaming. Based on Shuttle's SP35P2 Pro barebones system, our review sample was fitted with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, although other processors are available including Intel's newer 45nm 'Penryn' CPUs.

The Shuttle XPC P2 3500G's chassis measures only 325x220x210mm, yet is packed full of features, including a 20x DVD burner and a multi-format memory card reader, both hidden behind sleek panels that fit flush with the front of the case.

A pull-down flap at the bottom of the Shuttle XPC P2 3500G reveals audio I/O ports and a built-in fingerprint reader for quick and easy password-free security.

Also situated here is a FireWire port and a pair of USB connectors which can be configured for easy file transfer from the Shuttle XPC P2 3500G directly to another PC with the flick of a switch.

The build-quality on the Shuttle XPC P2 3500G's case is pleasingly high and its thoroughly minimalist design makes it as unobtrusive as it is small.

In a system case as small as this things can get cramped, and that often causes problems with airflow and cooling, which in turn can make for a noisy PC as smaller and faster fans have to be installed.

With this in mind, Shuttle has installed a SilentX 400W power supply and fanless heat-pipe, which cools internally to help keep temperatures and noise to a minimum. This is particularly important if you want to overclock the system and the Shuttle XPC P2 3500G has simple automatic overclocking options built in to the BIOS should you wish to give it a try.

Graphics in the Shuttle XPC P2 3500G are provided by an ATI Radeon HD3870. This card offers decent performance and low power consumption, but unfortunately makes rather a lot of noise when cranked up to full speed as it's fan is placed right next to a vent in the side of the case.

The Shuttle XPC P2 3500G's Worldbench score of 109 places it in the same league as many top-end systems and, because it's a quad-core system, it's well placed to take advantage of newer titles that can take full advantage of its multi-processing capabilities.

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