The RL Supplies Modula i8470 is a dual-core system but, rather than use the top-of-the-range Core 2 Duo E8600, RL Supplies has gone for a less expensive E8400 model and overclocked it to 3.6GHz. This way, you get a considerably faster PC and save around £60 on the CPU.

We test all machines at their processor's stock speeds and, in this configuration, the RL Supplies Modula i8470 achieved 122 points in WorldBench 6. When overclocked, however, the machine recorded a staggering 136 points.

The RL Supplies Modula i8470's graphics duties are taken care of by a 512MB HD 4870. This is a powerful card, and capable of tackling the toughest titles, but it's not quite as fast as nVidia's GTX 260 - or, indeed, the 1GB HD 4870 which is available at a relatively small extra cost.

Built into a relatively solid and smart-looking Gigabyte system case, the RL Supplies Modula i8470 looks like it means business. Inside, there are plenty of tool-free drive bays and a large Arctic Cooling-branded CPU cooler.

The system board leaves two RAM sockets empty for easy memory upgrades and, to make up for the lack of FireWire ports on its motherboard, the manufacturer has added a PCI FireWire adaptor. The RL Supplies Modula i8470 is also the only system in our chart to provide a memory card reader.

Chart ranking: Power desktop PCs (March 09 issue)

  1. Eclipse Storm i7920n98GTX
  2. Arbico Elite 8260 XL
  3. Palicomp Phoenix E86-22
  4. Mesh Elite GTX260 Power
  5. RL Supplies Modula i8470