Quad-core technology continues to cause us a dilemma. We’re promised that the age of multi-core chips is almost upon us and that quad-core will soon be able to show its true worth. However, until this time, the likes of the Mesh Pulse SLI will continue to trail behind the E6750 and E6850 machines.

The Mesh Pulse SLI is a significant 11 points behind the Chillblast Apollo, despite the promise of its Q6600 processor. But in many other respects, the Mesh Pulse SLI is an excellent PC.

The pair of GeForce 8800 GT cards is a dynamite combination that stands comparison even with the mighty 8800 GTS 512. The Mesh Pulse SLI's 22in GNR is a pleasant flat-panel, even if the colour quality isn’t perhaps the best of the displays in this chart.

The Mesh Pulse SLI’s 4GB of DDR RAM is only PC2-5300 memory, but its 500GB hard drive is very substantial. And we’re impressed by the Samsung DVD writer and its excellent 16-speed DVD+R DL capabilities. Onboard sound isn’t something we like to see in a PC costing as much as the Mesh Pulse SLI, however, and the A500 speakers can’t quite make up for the disappointment.

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