A hinged door at the front hides the external drive bays and Blu-ray-compatible DVD burner, while a small illuminated LCD at the top offers internal temperature updates.

A transparent side panel lets you gaze lovingly at the expensive components inside - in particular, the GeForce GTX 280. This graphics card undoubtedly contributes significantly to the overall price of the Mesh Lexa 280.

When it comes to gaming, the Mesh Lexa 280's GTX 280 outclasses the GTX 260 cards found in the Arbico and Eclipse. That said, the Arbico's overclocked card comes very close, and at a considerable saving. But even the GTX 280 is beaten by the Chillblast's 4870 X2, which managed 10fps more in our ‘Very High Quality' Crysis test.

An Intel Core i7 920 CPU, 6GB of DDR3 RAM and the same Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard used by the Chillblast Fusion Titanium are all present. The Mesh Lexa 280 was unable to match that PC's performance in our tests, but a WorldBench 6 score of 127 is still very fast.

The Mesh Lexa 280's 22in Iiyama Pro Lite E2208 monitor is capable of full HD video playback. This type of display offers good value for money, despite having slightly less screen space than those supplied with the Chillblast and Eclipse. Individual pixels, onscreen text and icons will therefore be much smaller.

A set of Creative speakers is also supplied with the Mesh Lexa 280, providing a great multimedia experience straight out of the box.