Not so long ago, the Mesh G92 Pulse Pro would stand out as a fantastic PC – should you be prepared to push your budget to £799. As it happens though, the Mesh G92 Pulse Pro is a solid system that can't quite compete with the best PCs in its price range.

But don't discount the Mesh G92 Pulse Pro. The E6850 processor is starting to hit some consistency in our WorldBench tests – this Mesh hits a rapid 112 points in our WorldBench speed benchmarking suite. However, with 'only' 2GB of RAM, the Mesh struggles to make up ground on some of his rivals.

The Mesh G92 Pulse Pro's 22in GNR flat-panel display is a very solid screen. There’s not much more we can say about the 8800 GT graphics setup. Apart form this: it’s superb for the money, but since every PC manufacturer has rushed to squeeze in this card, it’s hard to give any one PC an advantage here.

The DVD writer is very good, as is the Mesh G92 Pulse Pro's 500GB hard drive and flash memory drive.


In essence the Mesh G92 Pulse Pro is a solid system that's been made to look slightly over-priced by the efforts of some smaller manufacturers. Mesh’s size and many years in business makes it one of the safer PC manufacturers to do business with, but we can’t see too many customers finding this system a bargain.