With a fierce pace set by the top two PCs, the Mesh G92 Extreme Media struggles to make an impact on this month’s chart. Essentially an inferior reworking of the excellent PC Specialist Apollo 880GT Sli, the Mesh G92 Extreme Media needs to do better in a few areas to compete with the top machines in this price category.

The Mesh G92 Extreme Media’s WorldBench 6 real-world speed score of 118 is a little down on the PC Specialist Apollo 880GT Sli’s tally, which may be down to the DDR2-667 RAM, which isn’t really good enough for this price level. But the Mesh G92 Extreme Media makes up ground elsewhere. The paired 500GB hard drives are an outstanding inclusion, as are the two GeForce 8800 GT cards – even if the Mesh G92 Extreme Media can’t match the Chillblast Fusion Zodiac and PC Specialist Apollo 880GT Sli machines for raw gaming speed.

The Mesh G92 Extreme Media's 22in Iiyama is a pleasing screen and the sound system is impressive, if lacking the all-round punch of the Chillblast Fusion Zodiac’s T7900 speakers. The Samsung DVD writer packs some marvellous double-layer speeds, and is probably the stand-out component here. But the power and value offered by its rivals leave the Mesh G92 Extreme Media with ground to make up.