While we've seen a number of very decent media centre PCs in the past 12 months, consumers have yet to decide whether they really want a PC in the sitting room. On the other hand, there's little doubt that a increasingly media-savvy public needs machines that can deftly handle video and audio. This Medion 6615 Tesco-exclusive tries to fill the gap.

Nobody should look on the Medion 6615 as a fully fledged media centre PC. It's too large and, erm, PC-like for that. And it's not whisper-quiet either. But it does have some very nice multimedia features. Medion has supplied a slick remote control, and you can harness the many Media Center features of Vista Home Premium. In addition, there's a triple TV tuner installed, giving you access to DVB-T Freeview, DVB-S Satellite and analogue TV. Add to that two 500GB hard drives and the Medion 6615 has plenty of space on which to store media.

The Medion 6615's general hardware specifications aren't stunning, but they are pretty good for the money.

The Medion 6615 PC base unit sells for £579 without a flat-panel – Medion suspects most of the customers will already have a TV screen they want to plug in. Given this, the Core 2 Quad Q6600 is a very solid addition, producing a creditable WorldBench 6 real-world speed score of 109.

The Medion 6615's 2GB allocation of DDR RAM is fine, while the LG DVD writer is a reasonably swift model. Gamers might perhaps take issue with the 8600 GT but, provided you're not using the Medion 6615 for high-intensity gaming, the 8600 should be fine.

You also get a number of nice extras with the Medion 6615, including a flash drive and a range of Tesco Office software.


A little too big and loud and not quite media centre-y enough to qualify as the real thing, neither does the Medion 6615 have the grunt you might expect for a £579 base unit. But if you want a mixture of media centre features and PC functionality, this will fit the bill.