The Evesham Solar G92 Shockwave was only one or two components away from making a serious splash. If only the hard drive were a little more generous.

In the past, Evesham machines have often struggled on the processing-speed front, but the Solar G92 Shockwave is right up there with the best of them, finishing just two WorldBench 6 points behind the commanding Chillblast Apollo. This strong performance is due to the Evesham Solar G92 Shockwave’s impressive base specifications: a Core 2 Duo E6850 and 4GB of PC2-6400 RAM.

The Evesham Solar G92 Shockwave's 320GB hard drive is the only disappointment – and even that should be enough for the typical user. Still, this unit still seems slightly poor value for money when compared to the Arbico Elite 8850GX, Chillblast Apollo and CyberPower Infinity GT, for instance.

As with the CyberPower Infinity GT, the Evesham Solar G92 Shockwave's GeForce 8800 GT is an impressive graphics card – albeit not quite as good as the Arbico Elite 8850GX’s 8600 GTS 512. The Creative X-Fi XtremeAudio sound card puts on a nice show, while the I-Trigue 3220 three-piece speaker system offers good support. The Evesham Solar G92 Shockwave's 22in AMW display is fairly good, while the DVD writer is a nippy little Samsung model that offers pretty fast double-layer support – although it’s not quite as impressive as the Mesh Pulse SLI and Arbico Elite 8850GX drives.

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