After its recent woes, Evesham will be looking to build its reputation once again. And while the Evesham Solar Flare is hardly the foundation on which to build a glittering palace, it's the kind of sturdy and reliable system that can guarantee its owner years of hard and rewarding service.

There's little to quicken the heartbeat, but the Evesham Solar Flare is composed of a string of tried and trusted components. And though the Evesham Solar Flare's E6750 chip has been put in its place by the Arbico 880 GTX's E6850, the Evesham Solar Flare's WorldBench score of 111 is competitive. The 2GB of DDR RAM offers very ample performance for those dipping a toe into Vista-infested waters and the 500GB hard drive is gargantuan.

The Evesham Solar Flare's 19in GNR screen isn't a flashy model, yet offers an adequate picture with faithful, if slightly uninspiring, colour reproduction. The Evesham Solar Flare's graphics card, meanwhile, is one of the better examples in the chart. Where most manufacturers offer a 320MB version of the GeForce 8800 GTS, Evesham goes for broke with the 640MB incarnation. The Evesham Solar Flare lacks the awesome framerates of the Arbico 880 GTX's GTX but the other cards are no match for the it.

We also applaud the Evesham Solar Flare's sound system, a finely honed Creative one-two. The Evesham Solar Flare's XtremeGamer and Inspire T6100 speakers are a combo that neither of the Arbico systems come close to. Add an ample software bundle and the zippy Samsung DVD writer and you get a PC that has plenty to offer. Maybe not so much as some of the other machines here, but the Evesham Solar Flare is still an extremely effective system.


It might not compare to the other PCs in the chart, but the Evesham Solar Flare is still and extremely effective system.