Around £1,000 is a reasonable price to find PCs with a spectacular string of components without breaking the bank. The Evesham Solar CR88 hits the cash register at just £949, making it a decent – although certainly not an unbeatable – PC for the money.

If there is a problem with the Evesham Solar CR88, it’s that it doesn’t quite go far enough in any direction.

The Evesham Solar CR88's Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor (delivering a palatable WorldBench speed score of 110) is a nice touch for those with an eye on the future, as it really ought to start motoring once we can find a few genuine multi-threaded applications to try it out with.

However, Evesham haven’t gone further and kitted out the Evesham Solar CR88 with 4GB of DDR RAM. To be fair, not many £949 PCs do come with 4GB, but you would undoubtedly need such a configuration if you wanted this is to be a true PC for the future. 2GB just isn't future-proofed.

The Evesham Solar CR88's 500GB hard drive is certainly capacious enough, and the 22in AMW screen offers a reasonably steady picture and pleasing colour palette.

Graphics are provided courtesy of the Evesham Solar CR88's 512MB 8800 GT graphics card. Only a few weeks ago this seemed an outlandish proposition indeed. But now it seems every PC and his dog comes equipped with nVidia’s astonishing 8800 GT.

Still, you can't say that the 8800 GT is anything but a very nice performer, but it's not up to the benchmark set down by the GTX cards you can find in many a £1,000.

The Evesham Solar CR88's Samsung DVD writer is excellent, and the sound (an onboard system with the Creative I-Trigue 2.1 3220 speakers) is adequate, if no more than that.


Overall the Evesham Solar CR88 is a very decent little system for its £949 tag, it just lacks that definitive component that would allow it to stand out from the crowd.