While there is very little to distinguish the top three PCs and the fourth-placed Arbico QC2900 XT has one eye on the future, the Evesham Oxegen RD1500 is further behind.

But let's start with the Evesham Oxegen RD1500's good points. If sound is important to you, you'll find the Creative one-two of an X-Fi XtremeGamer and a set of Inspire T6100 speakers a fantastic partnership - particularly given the rather average onboard sound cards found elsewhere. You also get a nice software bundle with the Evesham Oxegen RD1500, with BullGuard providing very decent antivirus facilities and Microsoft Works 8.5 taking care of the office suite.

Other components are less impressive. It's true that the Evesham Oxegen RD1500's Quad Q6600 processor could be one for the future, and we may not be seeing its true potential on today's software libraries. But if this is a PC that's designed to excel two years down the line, the decision to include just 2GB of DDR RAM seems a little strange. Evesham's choice of graphics card is also rather peculiar, with the 8600 GTS far and away the least capable of those found here - even the HD 2900 XT is in a different class.

Chart ranking: £751-£1,000 power PCs, January 08 issue

  1. Chillblast Fusion Tomcat
  2. Arbico 880 GTX (last month 1)
  3. Eclipse Genesis SLI i685n88GTX
  4. Arbico QC2900 XT
  5. Evesham Oxegen RD1500