The Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489 uses similar components to Arbico's second-placed Elite i750 Pro. And with good reason: the Intel Core i7 920 CPU and Gigabyte motherboard are a great combination at this price, delivering excellent processing performance.

Although this motherboard comes with only four memory slots, the 6GB of RAM supplied with the Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489 will be adequate for most users.

AMD's brand-new HD 4890 graphics card delivers powerhouse performance. This achieved a superb 30fps in our ‘Very High' Crysis test; if you hunger for yet more power, CrossFire technology lets you add a second HD 4890. The Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489's 850W PSU provides plenty of power for such an upgrade.

The Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489's 750GB hard drive is relatively capacious, although it's not uncommon for £1,000 PCs to go still futher and supply a full terabyte (TB) of storage.

The Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489's 21.6in Hanns-G monitor is a decent model and comes with a digital input. We've seen better examples in this price category, however. The 24in Acer display supplied by the fourth-placed Palicomp is one of them.

It scored four points less than the Arbico in our WorldBench 6 real-world speed test, but the Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489 is sure to outpace that PC as more memory-intensive applications come into use. The lack of external speakers and smaller hard drive may make it a less attractive bundle to some users, however.

Chart ranking: Power desktop PCs (Sep 09 issue)

  1. Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489
  2. Arbico Elite i750 Pro
  3. CyberPower Mega Sales IV
  4. Palicomp Phoenix Ballistix E86-24
  5. Dell Studio XPS