At first glance, Eclipse's Titan X58 Crossfire looks like an excellent buy. It's an ideal machine for both gaming and general-purpose use, with a 1GB HD 4870 graphics card installed and an impressive score of 129 points achieved in WorldBench 6. It's also the only system here to come with a full 6GB of DDR3 RAM - twice what you get from any of the competing Core i7-based PCs.

Despite this, any desktop PC that provides no method of burning DVDs simply isn't acceptable in this day and age - even if you gain the ability to play Blu-ray films with the Eclipse Titan X58 Crossfire.

The supplied 21.6in Yuraku monitor has no digital input, meaning image quality is considerably worse than that offered by the competition. The Eclipse Titan X58 Crossfire's lack of external speakers also mean you'll be relying on the monitor to provide sound output.

Our review machine shipped with the 32bit version of Windows Vista, rendering the extra 3GB of RAM useless. Be sure to specify the 64bit version when ordering the Eclipse Titan X58 Crossfire - it should come at no extra cost.

The Eclipse Titan X58 Crossfire is housed in a black Arial AL-01 case with mesh side panels that expose the illuminated components inside. It's a subtler effect than a transparent side panel, and it assists with ventilation.

The Eclipse Titan X58 Crossfire's Gigabyte motherboard comes with only four memory slots, rather than the usual six, so those who want to expand beyond 6GB will be disappointed. As the system name might suggest, it also exploits CrossfireX technology to support a second graphics card although, oddly, the installed power supply lacks the power connectors for such an upgrade.