We’ve become accustomed to seeing Eclipse machines outclassing the other PCs in our charts. However, the winning streak had to come to an end eventually, and the Eclipse Titan i675n88GTS comes fourth in this month’s Top 5. This is no disgrace, but it’s surprising that this brand-new PC can’t hold a candle to the two-month-old Eclipse Evolution i685n88s.

The Eclipse Titan i675n88GTS picks up 105 points in our WorldBench 6 tests. Not bad, but it’s three points behind the Eclipse Evolution i685n88s. And predictably so, since the Eclipse Titan i675n88GTS makes do with an E6750 processor while the Eclipse Evolution i685n88s enjoys the luxurious presence of an E6850. And that’s not the only area where Eclipse has been downsizing. The Eclipse Titan i675n88GTS's 160GB hard drive, for instance, is a good 90GB down on the Eclipse Evolution i685n88s’s 250GB drive.

We’re pleased to report that the flat-panel displays are identical – for the money, the Hannstar AH191DP carries a very steady picture and packs plenty of colour. But Eclipse’s decision to include a cheaper graphics card in the Eclipse Titan i675n88GTS is mystifying. How could a 256MB GeForce 8600 GT be better than a 640MB GeForce 8800 GTS? (Answer: it’s not even close.)


The Eclipse Titan i675n88GTS isn’t a bad PC – it’s simply not up to the high standards set by the Eclipse Evolution i685n88s. Let’s hope this is a temporary blip from a usually dazzling manufacturer.

£501-£750 desktop PCs chart ranking, Dec 07 issue

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