The Eclipse Galaxy x58n260's striking looks come not from garish gamer-friendly lighting and transparent panels. Its blank, blacker-than-black exterior is echoed inside the case, creating a ‘stealth' look that's really rather appealing.

Twelve USB ports, dual gigabit ethernet ports and a pair of eSATA connectors are provided. Six memory slots complete the Eclipse Galaxy x58n260's battery of connections, making an upgrade to 6GB of RAM a simple affair.

The inclusion of a 600W PSU is wise, although you may need to upgrade this further if you want to take advantage of the Eclipse Galaxy x58n260's scalable link interface (SLI) and CrossFireX support. These allow you to add a second graphics card, but doing so may require an extra helping of power.

The Eclipse Galaxy x58n260 couldn't keep up with the Arbico in our speed tests, but its score of 125 is creditable nonetheless. Gaming results followed a similar pattern, with the Eclipse's 896MB nVidia GeForce GTX 260 lagging a few frames behind the Arbico's HD 4870 in our most demanding tests. Your mileage may vary, depending on the games you play.

The Eclipse Galaxy x58n260's 21.6in Yuraku display has a digital connection that allows for decent picture quality, although its rather thick bezel gives it a somewhat chunky appearance when compared to much of the competition.