It's another great PC from CyberPower, but the curiously named Mega Sales IV loses out on spec to our top two systems, despite using the same motherboard and CPU and doubling the RAM allocation of the Arbico.

For one thing, in comparison to their 750GB and 1TB hard drives, the CyberPower Mega Sales IV's 500GB drive is on the small side. The ATI Radeon HD 4870 graphics card is also a let-down in the face of the brand-new 4890, and gaming performance suffers at higher resolution and quality settings.

Our WorldBench 6 system speed test revealed the CyberPower Mega Sales IV to be the slowest of the group, albeit by an almost imperceptible margin. Its quad-core processor means it's likely to outpace the dual-core Palicomp on multithreaded tasks, such as video encoding.

The CyberPower Mega Sales IV's BOS-02A system case is basic but tidy, with a subtle blue trim and black mesh finish. Inside, there's little to distinguish it from the Arbico and Eclipse PCs. All three offer limited memory upgrade potential due to the inclusion of only four memory slots, three of which are already occupied.

The Hanns-G is a decent display, but CyberPower has chosen the analogue-only model for the Mega Sales IV - a disappointment at this price point.

Fitted with a 680W PSU, CyberPower's Mega Sales IV is better equipped for upgrading or overclocking than Arbico's Elite i750 Pro or the Dell Studio XPS. It also comes with a full three-year warranty.

Chart ranking: Power desktop PCs (Sep 09 issue)

  1. Eclipse Titan X58-Crossfire i792R489
  2. Arbico Elite i750 Pro
  3. CyberPower Mega Sales IV
  4. Palicomp Phoenix Ballistix E86-24
  5. Dell Studio XPS