A year on from the launch of Vista, the general consensus seems to be that the more RAM you can get, the better. A lot of PC manufacturers are pushing the boat out and offering 4GB, but 2GB seems to ensure reasonably smooth running of the operating system. Which is the better option?

In among this month’s flood of 4GB PCs, the 2GB CyberPower Infinity GT gives you the option of saving yourself a little money – £100, to be precise. The manufacturer will let you upgrade to a 4GB allocation, but you can expect this to set you back about £106, cancelling out your savings. But it’s nice to have the option of a 2GB system in a 4GB-obsessed market.

And in most other respects the CyberPower Infinity GT is very much the equal of the costlier systems. Its E6850 processor results in a very promising WorldBench 6 score of 112 – with a 2GB upgrade, it would be right up there with the best machines in the category.

The CyberPower Infinity GT's graphics card is the 8800 GT, which can’t quite keep up with the Chillblast Apollo’s 8800 GTS 512. Nonetheless, the 8800 GT remains a thoroughly decent card for gaming. The CyberPower Infinity GT’s audio, meanwhile, is top-notch, with the superb X-Fi XtremeAudio working beautifully with the Creative Inspire T6100 speakers.

The CyberPower Infinity GT's 500GB hard drive is extremely capacious, while the 21.6in Yuraku flat-panel is quite competent. The Optiarc DVD writer is on the sluggish side and the software bundle doesn’t offer any antivirus utilities or office suites – although you do get a full game, Company of Heroes.

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