Using two top-spec graphics cards, the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme is a high-end desktop PC with a total of four graphics processors to provide some of the fastest gaming graphics currently available.

The cards the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme uses are nVidia's latest, GeForce 9800GX2s, making waves among the gaming community with their extremely high performance.

Antec's P182 case is as well-constructed as it is capacious, with the power supply fitted at the bottom of the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme to facilitate air flow.

Tool-free drive bays with slide-out caddies provide easy access to the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme's innards, and there's plenty of room for extra drives, to join a pair of Optiarc AD-7200 DVD burners.

With a Creative Labs X-Fi sound card sandwiched between the huge bulk of those graphics cards, there's just one extra PCI-Express slot available, but the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme is equipped with just about everything a demanding user might need, including nine USB 2.0 ports, a multi-format memory card reader and twin network ports.

Intel's Q6700 is a popular quad-core CPU with plenty of raw power, despite using technology older than the latest generation of quad-core. We're not seeing the newer CPUs yet simply due to lack of available stocks. And Intel's recent halving of the price of the Q6700 gives a very attractive price-to-performance ratio - given the right apps, the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme is capable of delivering superb performance.

To make sure your applications make the most of the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme's hardware, 8GB of Corsair Dominator RAM is installed, running at 1066MHz to exactly match the processor front-side-bus speed.

Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition completes the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme.

With graphics performance such as this, there's no point wasting it on a low-res display, so Cube247 has supplied the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme with an Asus MK241H 24in monitor with 1,920x1,200 resolution, to flex those GeForce muscles, as well as allowing a full 1080p HD picture from high-def media.

We found the Cube247 Leonis ST Xtreme's monitor able to produce a high-quality image with excellent colour and contrast. Image scaling could have been a smoother when displaying lower resolution input.