This excellent performer from Chillblast uses Intel's Core i7 920 processor to great effect, scoring a chart-leading 139 points in our WorldBench real-world speed test. The Chillblast Fusion Thunder a fairly standard-looking system but it's packed with goodies, including the latest graphics technology and a huge amount of storage space.

The Chillblast Fusion Thunder bears more than a passing resemblance to Arbico's entries in recent months: it uses the familiar Cooler Master Elite 331 system case, paired with a trio of 500GB hard drives.

Although the Chillblast Fusion Thunder and Arbico Elite i7 RSX Pro each have three 500GB hard drives, they are set up differently. This PC uses Raid 0 ‘striping' for two of its hard drives to boost raw speed. But, because Raid 0 is less secure than setups that ‘mirror' data on multiple drives, the Chillblast's last drive is left for backups.

The GeForce GTX 275 graphics card delivers excellent performance at a decent price. It's a direct challenger to the Radeon HD 4890, and there's little to split the two. Indeed, the Chillblast Fusion Thunder scored 28fps in our most challenging games test, matching the 4890-equipped Eclipse Titan. If you want better gaming performance than this, you'll have to pay considerably more.

TheChillblast Fusion Thunder also comes supplied with a height-adjustable monitor with pivot function and a pair of optical drives, one of which supports Blu-ray playback. Despite costing £20 less than the Recommended Arbico Elite, it comes with twice the allocation of RAM: a full 6GB.

A 460W power supply is rather underspecified, however, and leaves little headroom for future upgrades. On the plus side, the Chillblast Fusion Thunder's two-year collect-and-return warranty is excellent.