A well put-together PC, the Arbico QC6700 Pro doesn’t put many feet wrong, but still finds itself stuck outside the winning circle. In all honesty, this PC’s biggest failing comes down to price. At £1,350, the Arbico QC6700 Pro is the second most expensive PC here. And given the dazzling array of talent at work in the highest rated machines, that price is enough to count the Arbico out of contention, even given the rather sumptuous looks of the casing.

The Arbico QC6700 Pro comes equipped with a Core 2 Quad Q6700 processor. And while this makes it slightly faster than the Cube247 Electra ST10’s Q6600, the difference only amounts to a couple of points. The 4GB of RAM is blisteringly fast Corsair memory, and the 500GB hard drive is more than substantial – really, the twin 500GB drives found in the Cube247 Electra ST10 are more generous, although few users are going to find 500GB too little for their needs.

The Arbico QC6700 Pro's 22in Hyundai is a very solid flat-panel, if nothing to rave crazily about. The GeForce 8800 GTX is rather closer to the top of its class, although since the Arbico QC6700 Pro is the third PC to offer this card, it’s hard to get too excited about. The sound system is very good, and the LG DVD writer is actually the best in the chart for those who like double-layer facilities.

Chart ranking: £1,001+ power desktop PCs, December 07 issue

  1. Mesh Elite Quad Storm PCA (This PC is no longer in the chart. Click here for more information)
  2. CyberPower Gamer Infinity SLI GTX - last month 1
  3. Cube247 Electra ST10
  4. Arbico QC6700 Pro
  5. PC Specialist Apollo R600-X3