Despite confusingly carrying the same name as last month's Arbico Elite i750 Pro, as well as many of the same components, the Arbico Elite i750 Pro reviewed here is actually an updated version of that PC. Improvements include 1TB of storage and a 1GB HD 4890 graphics card.

Intel's Core i7 920 still provides the processing power, and you'll find the same Gigabyte motherboard inside. While the latter performs well, it comes with only four memory slots. This means upgrades will be more expensive, since you'll have to replace rather than add to your existing modules - and this issue is significant, given that the Arbico Elite i750 Pro comes with just 3GB of RAM.

Nevertheless, the Arbico Elite i750 Pro took top honours in our WorldBench 6 speed test with a 132-point tally. It also delivered the best gaming results - if only just.

The 22in GNR monitor is another familiar face in the Arbico Elite i750 Pro's specification list. It's a reasonably good budget display with both analogue and digital inputs, but it can't match the quality of the Palicomp's Acer.

As the only system in this month's chart to come with a set of surround speakers, the Arbico Elite i750 Pro makes a decent multimedia machine. Palicomp hits back with a larger display and a Blu-ray player, however.

The Arbico Elite i750 Pro also retains the 460W PSU. A more powerful unit would allow for easier upgrades and unlock overclocking potential.