The Arbico Elite i7 RSX Pro swaps a factory-overclocked BFG Maxxcore GeForce GTX 260 graphics card for a GTX 275. The new card offers similar performance at a reduced price. And it's the same card used by our Best Buy Chillblast Fusion Thunder.

That PC keeps the Arbico off the top spot with a slightly better spec and a lower price tag. The Arbico Elite i7 RSX Pro is the only system here to specify just 3GB of RAM; the motherboard design also means that an upgrade would require replacing the existing memory modules rather than adding to them.

Like the Chillblast, the Arbico Elite i7 RSX Pro comes with a huge 1.5 terabytes (TB) of storage space in the form of three 500GB hard drives. Unlike that PC, however, the Arbico ‘stripes' all three drives in Raid 0. This boosts the PC's performance, but you run more of a risk that a disk failure will destroy your data. Be sure to make regular backups.

The Arbico Elite i7 RSX Pro's 24in Iiyama display offers fantastic value for money and good image quality, although it lacks the height-adjustable stand of the Chillblast's Edge 10 monitor.

Both the Arbico Elite i7 RSX Pro and Chillblast Fusion Thunder make use of the 460W power supply that comes as standard with the Cooler Master Elite 331 case. We'd like to see a more powerful unit in a system of this specification - you'll almost certainly need to upgrade it if you plan to add or upgrade any components.