Despite having just 3GB of DDR3 RAM installed, the Arbico Elite i7 Pro is very nearly as fast as Chillblast's breathtaking Best Buy machine. Its relative lack of memory doesn't hinder performance; the Arbico scored 132 points in WorldBench 6 - just three points fewer than the Chillblast, which costs £400 more.

Aside from the reduced cost of the memory, this system also uses a cheaper, but still powerful, nVidia GeForce GTX 260 graphics card. Arbico has opted for an overclocked BFG model, with performance boosted closer to that of the costlier GTX 280. At very demanding quality settings ?the 280 starts to outperform the 260, but the savings are considerable.

The LG W2252TQ is a smart-looking monitor that offers decent performance and a good set of features. But the best 24in displays - or 16:9 22in monitors - would have enabled full HD playback from the Blu-ray drive, and taken full advantage of the powerful graphics system.

A set of Creative T6100 surround-sound speakers is an impressive addition, even if some buyers may feel this is more than they require. By comparison, the CyberPower and Eclipse systems rely solely on the speakers built into their monitors.