Actually priced at £899 the Arbico Elite 8850GX is a fantastic value for money desktop PC.

Indeed, our only possible cause for complaint is the slightly less than cavernous 320GB hard drive - although we doubt many users will find it easy to fill up this amount of space.

The Arbico Elite 8850GX's WorldBench real-world speed score of 116 is extremely good given the modest price tag, although we might have expected the 4GB of Corsair PC2-6400 memory to push the Arbico further still.

The Arbico Elite 8850GX's 8800 GTS 512 is a very good graphics card, in spite of its silly naming (its chip is rather more sophisticated than the ones powering the 320MB and 640MB versions of the 8800 GTS). The Audigy SE 7.1 isn't quite as compelling a sound card as on some other PCs in this category, but the 22in Hyundai is a very decent flat-panel indeed.

Indeed, the likes of the Chillblast Apollo, CyberPower Infinity GT and Evesham Solar G92 Shockwave PCs can't keep up with this bargain bundle – although some users may be inclined to take a gamble on the promising quad-core Mesh Pulse SLI ahead of the Arbico Elite 8850GX.

The Arbico Elite 8850GX offers excellent gaming speed. The Chillblast Apollo is marginally stronger in this department, but avid gamers shouldn’t discount the Arbico Elite 8850GX.

The Samsung DVD writer is a searing model, with fantastic 16-speed double-layer support.