We take value for money seriously, and an attractive price tag has allowed many a system to edge past a closely matched rival in our charts. Arbico’s PCs are a case in point, wearing their budget tags as badges of honour. But when there’s just £50 separating five PCs in our Test Centre, money becomes less significant.

Nonetheless, thanks to some nice components, the Arbico Elite 8800GT SLI is still capable of grabbing second place. The E6850 processor is as fast as any we’ve seen in this category, and the Arbico Elite 8800GT SLI’s WorldBench score of 118 is quite an achievement. The 4GB of RAM is ample, as is the 500GB hard drive – it’s not as large as the 750GB unit supplied with the fourth-placed Chillblast Fusion Terminator, but it should be more than enough for most users.

Like the Mesh G92 Titan, the Arbico Elite 8800GT SLI comes with two 8800 GT graphics chips joined in scaleable link interface (SLI). While it depends to some extent on which games you’re playing and at what resolution, two 8800 GTs generally prove more than a match for the Chillblast Fusion Terminator’s single 8800 GTX. You can ratchet up the detail with the 1,680x1,050 Hyundai and, while the latter doesn’t offer the enormous playing area of the Mesh G92 Titan’s 24in Iiyama, this PC is still well equipped for gaming.

The Arbico Elite 8800GT SLI improves on the Mesh G92 Titan’s sound system, while the DVD writer is a top-notch model that offers 12-speed DVD-R DL and +R DL. Add to that a robust case – which comes with plenty of ports and connectors – and an enticing price, and this PC is a worthy runner-up to the big-screened Mesh G92 Titan.

Power PCs chart ranking as of Feb 08 issue

  1. Mesh G92 Titan
  2. Arbico Elite 8800GT SLI
  3. CyberPower Gamer Infinity Quad GT
  4. Chillblast Fusion Terminator
  5. Evesham Oxegen CRX88

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