With a staggering score of 128 points in our WorldBench 6 test suite – and this without overclocking Intel’s E8500 chip – Zoostorm’s 62-3311 is an astonishingly good performer.

Packed into a super-compact case, this system will sit happily on any desktop, but space inside is rather limited. A spare 3.5in drive bay is easily accessible, should you wish to expand the supplied 320GB of storage provided. There’s also room to fit a second DVD burner, but that’s pretty much where your upgrade options end. The Zoostorm 62-3311's Foxconn motherboard offers a single PCI Express slot and a pair of PCI slots, but fills both its memory slots to achieve this computer's 4GB allocation of DDR2 RAM.

The ever-popular Hannspree XM New York is a good match for the Zoostorm 62-3311, providing a bright, clear digital display and built-in speakers. Its style isn’t to everyone’s tastes, but it’s a robust, well-made monitor.

Graphics are powered by a 1GB nVidia GeForce 9500 GT. Although this card offers twice the graphics memory of the competition, its processor is comparatively underpowered. Older games such as Fear will play smoothly on the Zoostorm 62-3311, provided you stick to lower resolutions, but the card isn’t up to the job of more demanding titles such as Crysis. Nevertheless, gaming scores come in at three times that of Mesh's Elite Inspire PCA.