With the other four of this month’s Top 5 racking up 90 WorldBench points or more, the pace is getting pretty fierce in the bargain basement of PC charts. The PC Specialist Apollo Home GT doesn’t quite reach those heights, and its score of 88 now looks a little bit sluggish – particularly compared to the whopping 99 points racked up by the Arbico CD6750 XL. The main culprit is the processor, a Core 2 Duo E4400 that lacks the ultimate performance of some of its competitors.

Not that the PC Specialist Apollo Home GT isn’t without some decent components. We like the 8600 GT graphics card and the Specialist comes with the 512MB version. The 250GB hard drive is as capacious as things get in this chart, while the Hannstar AH191DP is an attractive screen from what’s rapidly becoming the most ubiquitous name in the charts.

PC Specialist has even been able to do something a little more interesting with the sound and, while the Logitech speakers aren’t striking, they’re still a solid match for the PC Specialist Apollo Home GT's onboard sound controller.