Arbico’s all-conquering Best Buy of two months ago is relegated to fifth place by an influx of powerful new models. But the Arbico CD6570 SX remains a strong budget PC.

The Arbico CD6570 SX’s 2GB of Kingston memory and Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 processor are as difficult to fault as ever. We’re also quietly impressed by the 19in Hannspree XM New York flat-panel. While not a dazzling screen, the Hannspree packs plenty of colour and decent definition, while its interesting looks should attract comment.

The Arbico CD6570 SX's Gainward graphics card, meanwhile, is no ordinary rendition of the 8600 GT; its 1GB of RAM enables it to turn in an excellent performance in our gaming tests. If your top priority is blistering framerates on the latest games, however, the Eclipse Matrix A64N88GS would be a better choice.

Those with large storage needs, on the other hand, might find the Arbico CD6570 SX's 160GB hard drive slightly constricting. The 250GB Zoostorm 4-2354 is the leading contender in this department.

The Arbico CD6570 SX remains a decent machine overall. Its general Windows speed may not look as appealing as it once did, but you get an impressive display, a strong graphics card, a fast Samsung DVD writer, plenty of software and a decent warranty.

Budget PCs chart ranking (May issue)

  1. Arbico CD8400 XL
  2. CyberPower Gamer Infinity 750
  3. Eclipse Matrix A64N88GS
  4. Zoostorm 4-2354
  5. Arbico CD6570 SX