RL Supplies is a specialist computer builder and component supplier based in Watford, selling attractively priced budget PCs. The RL Supplies Modula 2180-OC desktop is a compelling package in the competitive under-£500 category, and one that even includes a Canon inkjet printer and Logitech stereo speakers.

It's built into a simple but functional case from EzCool, with a 500W-rated power supply. There's one DVD writer fitted, with space for two more optical drives if desired, while the 320GB hard drive can be supplemented with up to three more 3.5in hard disks.

The RL Supplies Modula 2180-OC PC system's Gigabyte motherboard is fitted with an Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz processor that's been overclocked to 2.4GHz, and 2GB of RAM on a single card, leaving one empty slot for later upgrades. Meanwhile the graphics card is an entry-level ATI 3450 type from Asus, arguably better than the integrated solutions found on some budget systems, although in our graphics test it could only sustain 11 frames per second in out FEAR gaming test. A more usable framerate is possible but only after turning down quality settings. In the real world WorldBench 6 speed test, the system scored a useful 91 in its supplied overclocked mode.

In general build, the system does not especially betray its budget leanings, taking a high-quality motherboard and Intel cooling fan for the CPU, for instance, with well-dressed cabling inside. Only two fans are fitted, one in the PSU, the other over the CPU. And thanks to the passive heatsink cooler on the graphics card, overall noise levels from the cooling regime were relatively low.

Supplied in the package is a 22in Cibox LCD monitor, not the last word in colour fidelity but a straightforward design and a good choice at the price. With its DVI interface, fast 5ms response time and 1680x1050 resolution, it will allow good video playback as well as plenty of space for regular computing duties.


This is a handsome package for anyone looking for an all-inclusive all-rounder starter PC. Only in the graphics area is it likely to disappoint, should anyone want to play more recent 3D games. But RL Supplies is flexible enough to allow easy respecification and a more capable graphics card can be substituted at time of purchase.