Despite being based on a comparatively slow 2.66GHz processor, the Mesh Delta GT turns in some decent performance scores.

The 3GHz E8400 chips found in the Arbico and Chillblast systems may have the advantage in raw processing power, but the Mesh Delta GT partly makes up for this by supplying 4GB of system RAM.

Mesh has supplied a copy of Microsoft Works 8.5 and CyberLink’s video-editing software with the Delta GT. Digital-photography enthusiasts will also appreciate the inclusion of a multiformat memory card reader and a trio of front-facing USB ports.

All those photos and videos are bound to take up a lot of space, so we’re please to see a 500GB hard drive included with the Mesh Delta GT – that’s twice the size of the next largest in this price category.

The Mesh Delta GT's 19in Hannspree HW191D monitor is a low-cost model, but it delivers more than adequate image quality. Looks-wise it’s more conservative than the XM New York.

Graphics are again handled by a GeForce 8600 GT, but it’s a rather miserly 256MB version. Performance is good enough at low resolutions, but the Mesh Delta GT loses out to the Arbico and Chillblast as this increases.

Mesh has used a compact version of its system case for the Delta GT. It comes with two external 5.25in drive bays, but there’s little room for internal drive expansion, while the 300W power supply won’t cope with many demanding upgrades. No add-in cards are installed, but there are two PCI slots and a PCI-Express slot free in case you want to add a sound card or other expansion option.

Budget desktop PCs chart ranking (July 08 issue)

  1. Arbico Elite 8400
  2. Chillblast Fusion Rogue
  3. Mesh Delta GT
  4. CyberPower Gamer Ultra 930
  5. CyberPower Gamer Infinity 750