The Eclipse Matrix i86A487 offers a similar spec to Chillblast's chart-leading system. Performance is almost identical, which is unsurprising given that the two rely on the same CPU and graphics card combo. This allows for a powerful WorldBench score of 129 and 24fps in Crysis.

Thanks to recent price cuts from AMD, the HD 4870 graphics card is now within reach of sub-£750 PCs such as the Eclipse Matrix i86A487. Those vendors quick enough off the mark to include one are able to deliver an excellent combination of performance and value for money.

On paper, the Eclipse Matrix i86A487 has some advantages over the Best Buy Chillblast. There's the higher-rated 600W PSU, for example, and a more advanced motherboard with extra card slots. Housed in a smart black case, this PC is also better-looking. But the Eclipse comes without any external speakers, forcing you to rely on the tinny output of the analogue-only monitor.

Our Eclipse Matrix i86A487 test system was supplied with a 32bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium, reducing the usable memory to 3GB. There's room to upgrade here, but be sure to specify the 64bit operating system if you plan to do so - it will come at no extra cost.