The Eclipse Evolution i84m88GS doesn’t offer the fastest WorldBench 6 speed score, but keen gamers will find compensation in its top-notch 3D graphics performance.

At this price, nothing else comes close to the 43 frames per second (fps) that the Eclipse Evolution i84m88GS delivers in our demanding Crysis gaming tests. That’s almost twice the performance of the next fastest system and for the same money.

This superb showing is down to the Eclipse Evolution i84m88GS's 8800 GS – a significantly faster graphics card than the 8600-series models used by most of the competing systems.

This means more games will be able to run at the display’s native 1,440x900 resolution while maintaining playable speeds. The Eclipse Evolution i84m88GS will give you a more enjoyable gaming experience than any other PC here.

Although fitted with an E8400 processor, the Eclipse Evolution i84m88GS doesn’t quite match the general office performance of its two similarly equipped rivals. It’s hampered by having only 2GB of RAM and a smaller hard drive.

The Eclipse Evolution i84m88GS also lacks any external speakers.

The build quality of the case is lower than that of the other PCs, and it’s rather cramped internally. One bonus is the Eclipse Evolution i84m88GS's 600W power supply, which should give you a little more oomph for any future upgrades.

Budget desktop PCS chart ranking (September issue)

  1. Zoostorm 62-3309 Home Desktop
  2. Arbico Elite 8440
  3. Eclipse Evolution i84n88GS
  4. Chillblast Fusion Hawk
  5. CyberPower Gamer Ultra 750

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