Another system based on the Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 CPU, Eclipse's Aspire i84a465 is a solid performer that achieves a decent 118 points in our WorldBench 6 speed tests.

The Eclipse's ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphics card uses the same graphics processing unit (GPU) as the Chillblast's card, but here it comes with twice the memory. You might therefore expect to see a boost in graphics performance, but the Aspire i84a465 was noticeably slower than the Chillblast in our games tests.

The Eclipse Aspire i84a465's gaming performance is hampered by two factors. Firstly, its graphics card actually has a slower memory clock speed than the standard 4650 chip. And secondly, the 32bit version of Vista Home Premium renders only 3GB of the 4GB of installed memory available for use.

The Eclipse Aspire i84a465's 19in Yuraku screen has a pleasantly thin bezel, with all control buttons located on the rear. Less impressively, however, it doesn't feature a digital connection.

Audio is provided via the stereo speakers built into the display. This isn't an unusual strategy at this price, but the Eclipse Aspire i84a465 compares badly with the Chillblast and its external speakers.

More pleasingly, the Eclipse Aspire i84a465's full-size motherboard offers plenty of expansion room for memory and add-in PCI cards.

Seasoned users might appreciate the relative lack of software bundled with the Eclipse Aspire i84a465; others would do well to consider the Packard Bell, which comes with a vast selection of applications preloaded.