Considering the Cyberpower Gamer Infinity 850’s low price tag, we have to expect some compromises. The Core 2 Duo E8400 is a comparatively slow processor and the system comes with 2GB of RAM, the bare minimum in this category.

The 19in Hanton H-340W DS is a budget monitor with mediocre image and build quality. The Cyberpower Gamer Infinity 850 is the only system that comes with a wired keyboard and mouse, the 160GB hard drive seem a little miserly and the sound system relies on the built-in speakers.

On the plus side, the basic specifications leave plenty of room for upgrades. The Cyberpower Gamer Infinity 850's Elite 330 case is fitted with tool-free drives and all but one expansion slots are free. There are also two available RAM slots so you can bring the system up to 4GB.

The Cyberpower Gamer Infinity 850's 512MB nVidia GeForce 9600 GT offers excellent performance for gamers on a budget, with framerates that are three times those of some sub-£500 systems. However, it’s no match for the GeForce 8800 GT cards found in pricier models.

Chart ranking: Budget desktop PCs (June issue)

  1. Arbico CD8520 XL
  2. Chillblast Fusion Cobra
  3. Mesh G94 Pulse
  4. CyberPower Gamer Infinity 850
  5. CyberPower Gamer Infinity Silent Edition