Arbico's machines are well known in PC Advisor's Test Centre for their superb performance. Once again the firm delivers, with its CD8465 EX notching up a top score of 120 points in WorldBench 6 - and this despite the system running on an older 3GHz E8400 processor.

The 1GB HD 4650 graphics card delivers excellent performance at a good price, making the Arbico CD8465 EX our top performer in both general-purpose and gaming tests.

Had it not been for Arbico's inclusion of Vista Home Basic, the CD8465 EX would have gained more respect. This version of Vista may be budget-friendly, but it lacks the Aero interface and the smoother video playback that comes with it. It also misses out on several key OS functions, including Windows Media Center, and renders a memory upgrade impossible.

The Arbico CD8465 EX's basic and rather unattractive system case is a compact model with few options for expansion. An awkward sliding door conceals a pair of USB ports and audio connectors.

The Arbico CD8465 EX's ever-popular 19in Hannspree XM New York monitor provides relatively good image quality, robust build quality and dual analogue and digital connections.

The ASRock is a compact motherboard, fitted with only two memory slots. Two PCI slots are available for upgrades, such as a sound card. Note, however, that external speakers are not provided with the Arbico CD8465 EX.