The Arbico CD6560 GT almost snatched the Recommended award from Eclipse's Ultimate A60N86GT, with the two machines closely matched on WorldBench 6 performance. But we marginally prefer the Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT, partly because of the power of its Athlon processor and its superior complement of memory - it's one of only two PCs here to come with 2GB of DDR RAM. It should therefore have little trouble coping with general tasks in Windows Vista.

But the Arbico CD6560 GT has plenty to offer, including some tempting components. The Arbico CD6560 GT's case may be fairly uninspiring to look at, but we like the look of the Arbico CD6560 GT's 19in Hannspree XM New York screen - we wouldn't describe it as the height of sophistication, but it's pleasantly unusual. The image quality is up to scratch as well, while the widescreen capabilities impressed us.

The Arbico CD6560 GT's 8600 GT graphics card is a pretty popular choice in this month's sub-£500 PCs chart - and with good reason. The Arbico CD6560 GT's hard drive is relatively capacious, while the DVD writer is another decent component. The onboard sound certainly isn't sizzling, but it's pretty much the same setup as that supplied with the Best Buy Eclipse Elite i675n86gt, so we can't be too hard on the Arbico CD6560 GT here.


The Arbico CD6560 GT's software bundle is nice and the Hannspree flat-panel is an eye-catcher. Otherwise, the Arbico CD6560 GT has a line-up of worthy but less than showstopping components.