Many processor chips alone use that much power, and that doesn't include the hard drive, graphics card and the rest of the system. Can the Advent Eco PC measure up?

That headline miserly power figure is all the more remarkable when you realise that the Advent Eco PC doesn't take the trendy route of fitting a low-power - and low-performance - Intel Atom processor, but a true Intel Core 2 Duo CPU.

The specs include a 1.5GHz T5250 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive and Windows Vista Home Premium. With the help of a wireless adaptor and short antenna at the back, you can connect to a wireless home network and site the Advent Eco PC anywhere in the house.

To help keep the Advent Eco PC cool, not to mention unusually stylish, the compact chassis is designed with cooling fins down each side, and stands on risers so that air can be drawn in from below to convection cool the inside components, venting out through a grille on top.

Dressed in charcoal grey and gunmetal finishes, the Advent Eco PC is feels very well built and has a look of quality engineering to it.

In practice, the system doesn't get especially hot but it does remain blissfully quiet. Near-silent running does not equate to lowly real-world capabilities though. Gaming performance may be poor as we'd expect from a system without a dedicated card (4fps in FEAR at Max settings), but when we tested the Advent Eco PC's real-world speed performance with WorldBench 6 it scored a respectable 63 points.

To help reinforce the ecological card further, the Advent Eco PC comes with a wireless keyboard equipped with rechargeable AA batteries, and the necessary battery charger. Meanwhile the casing is said to be manufactured from recycled aluminium and plastic, with packaging kept to a minimum and no printed manuals.

And the power consumption figure? We measured a mere 26W, making this a very cheap system to run too.


More than just a gimmick, the compact and eco-friendly Advent Eco PC delivers low power consumption, cool running and more than enough performance for any day-to-day task. It comes highly recommended.