BlackBerry Passport review

The new smartphone from Blackberry is here. It is targetted squarely at business users. Here's our Blackberry passport review.

Right out of the gate let me say this: the BlackBerry Passport is not for everyone. On looks alone many users will eschew its charms. It is a niche product built for what remains of BlackBerry's core userbase. It is the most BlackBerry BlackBerry I have ever used.

The Passport is designed to be used as a productivity tool, in the workplace. As such it is powerful and versatile, and for those who want a portable productivity device with a hardware keyboard it will be a perfect companion. For many others it may be a hopelessly hobbled enterainment device.

Suffice to say that putting a star rating on the BlackBerry Passport is difficult, if not impossible. I have scored it for the general populace, but if that isn't you (and you are outraged by my scores) by all means let me know in the comments below. The Passport is an intriguing and unique device, and for that I give BlackBerry kudos.

Blackberry Passport review

BlackBerry Passport review: UK price and availability

The BlackBerry Passport retails at £529 inc VAT in the UK. It's not the most widely available phone: a quick online search shows that you can buy it outright at Selfridges and on contract at Carphone Warehouse, while various eBay, Amazon and web-retailers are listing the Passport. Expect it to become more widely available quickly.

But as will hopefully become clear throughout this review the Passport is at least principally aimed at business users, so it is entirely possible that the main mode of purchase will be via business-level contract from enterprise supplier.

That price puts the Passport in the upder echelons of UK smartphone prices, but that is fair. It is a flagship phone with a very high-end spec. You won't buy this device as a bargain money saver.

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