Yosemite FileKeeper Pro 2.8 is a backup program that does everything a laptop user could ask for – it backs up to any store, and does so continuously or in snapshot mode. Yosemite is quick and it doesn’t bother users with tedious dialogs – but it's not free.

The continuous monitoring system loads as an icon on the Windows taskbar, but you have to click on it to get more than a basic level of status (whether it is active and ‘on’, or inactive and therefore ‘off’), but as weeks and months pass where it does its work unobtrusively, it would be easy to forget that a particular directory or file type wasn’t being backed up. Come the moment for file restoration that forgetfulness could turn out to be a problem.

In fairness, checking on what is backed up, where to, and when it was most recently copied is extremely simple. But we’d still have liked the option for Yosemite FileKeeper Pro 2.8 to create a report every now and again, perhaps with some statistics on its recent usage.

As it is, Yosemite FileKeeper Pro 2.8's logs are rather inscrutable. Our test software generated 27 warning messages over a period of a few months and it was difficult to interpret what they might have been caused by, or whether something was amiss. The software, and its backups stores, appeared to be fine.

Restores can be achieved in a number of ways, from allowing the user to browse directories for files in their native format, searching for a specific filename, or in the case of different versions of a file, right-clicking on the file to restore one of up to an infinite number of previous versions, or according to a set time or revision number.


Yosemite FileKeeper Pro 2.8 is a first-class product. It works transparently, getting on with the job of protecting data without fuss, complication or by tying down the PC. You always have a backup of files regardless of whether the backup drive has always been available, and those files will be only minutes old if a primary drive fails. At the same time, it is allows a sophisticated degree of control over backup. Stable for the several months we've tested it, Yosemite FileKeeper Pro 2.8 is the backup program we’d use on a laptop if our data depended on it.