Cygnett's well-featured dock lets you integrate your iPod all over the house. And the Cygnett Unison i-XD is easy to set up and use.

Australian electronics firm Cygnett offers the high-end i-X5 speaker and dock system for the iPod, now the company has released the dock used in that solution as a separate product, the Unison i-XD.

First impressions count and this product's nicely packaged: there are two boxes, one for the power supply and cable, the other opening out in two halves containing the remote and the dock. Packaging doesn't mean much, but underlines the manufacturer's attempt to deliver a high-quality experience.

For the money, you get the dock (we tested the black model, but this is also available in white), a remote control, 2m power adaptor, a selection of iPod inserts for different media player models and all the cables you need: USB, 3.5mm to RCA, and an S-video cable (all 1.5m long). We've looked at so many docks which offer video output support, this one stands out because the manufacturer has been thoughtful enough to include an S-video cable.

All components seem well-constructed – there's no poorly extruded clip-on plastic parts or shoddy workmanship. You also get a one-year manufacturer's guarantee. This dock's slightly larger than an Apple-made iPod dock. Dimensions are 95x69x25mm, so it's small and lightweight enough to carry with you when you are travelling.

At its front there's a receiver for the infrared remote control. Up top (in front of the iPod dock) there are two buttons for raising and lowering the volume. At its rear the dock hosts three outputs and one input. These are for a USB cable, a 3.5mm line-out port to connect the system to a stereo or powered speakers, and S-video out. The input is for the power adaptor.

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