The Sony ICD UX80 is the latest digital recorder from Sony that fuses crackle-free recordings with the ability to record and play back MP3 files that can then be transferred to your PC.

Digital audio devices such as the Sony ICD UX80 offer a much clearer sound without interference and background noise, unlike their traditional, analogue counterparts.

Available in silver or black, the Sony ICD UX80 also offers stereo sound recording and 2GB of storage.

Powered by just one AAA alkaline battery, the Sony ICD UX80 is small and easy to use. It features a backlit display and built-in stereo microphone with selectable sensitivity, ensuring users can be as close to or as far away from the microphone as suits them.

You choose from five different recording modes. For the clearest sound from the Sony ICD UX80, plump for ST or STSP, which offer high-quality stereo recording. For those who require long recordings without the highest quality of audio, the Long Play option offers up to 581 hours of recording time.

Users will also benefit from a mono recording mode, Voice Operated Recording (VOR) that automatically starts recording when sound is detected and the Digital Pitch Control (DPC) function which allows the recording to be heard at faster or slower speeds without any distortion.

A joystick-style menu button allows users to scroll through the Sony ICD UX80's menu options, programme the time and date or select which of the five folders the recording will be stored in.

However, the Sony ICD UX80's joystick can be a bit fiddly and takes some getting used to.

Transfer of files from the Sony ICD UX80 to a PC is also simple and fast. One end of the recorder can be removed to reveal a USB stick which plugs directly into your PC. The MP3 files can then simply be dragged and dropped to a new location on the computer.

Files can be erased directly from the Sony ICD UX80 or when it is connected to a PC. The recorder comes bundled with headphones, carrying pouch, AAA battery and USB cable if your PC doesn't have a USB 2.0 port.


The combination of crystal clear sound, easy-to-use function and a small and lightweight device make Sony's ICD UX80 a worthy purchase. Especially when you factor in a price that won't dent your pocket too much.