The Roberts RD-41 DAB radio is easy to use, full featured and stylish.

We've a little bit of a soft spot for anything retro, so we jumped at the chance to review the Roberts RD-41 as it fuses traditional styling of a Roberts radio with DAB radio for a sharp, clear sound.

The Roberts RD-41 is simple and easy to use. Plug it into the mains (it can be used with six LR20 batteries) and the LCD screen lights up blue, which perfectly complements the silver dials and buttons.

An Autoscan function finds stations (we found 39 different DAB stations), and it is easy to manually programme in more stations. Up to 12 of your favourite stations can be added to the Roberts RD-41 as pre-sets and there are 12 alarms, which can be programmed to radio, playlist or beep.

We loved the fact the Roberts RD-41 has a PausePlus option that pauses live radio in case you get interrupted when listening. When you can turn your full attention back to the radio, restart playback from where you left off without missing anything.

It works effectively for five minutes but then the buffer becomes full and the Roberts RD-41 starts to play again. You also have the option to fast forward or rewind the paused programme. It's easy enough to return to real-time radio by just pushing down on the tuning dial.

We are also impressed with the idea of a record function, but you do need an SD card, which doesn't come with the Roberts RD-41, for this to work.

According to Roberts, not all brands of SD card are compatible with the Roberts RD-41. This was true for our Kodak 64MB office SD card. However, a Panasonic 32MB card worked perfectly.

To start recording the DAB station you are listening to, press the Roberts RD-41's Record button once then press it again to stop recording. The recording will then be added to the playlist menu on the radio and can be played back, fast forwarded or rewound as many times as you like.

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