The Pure Digital Evoke Flow combines a DAB and FM radio with Wi-Fi and streaming technology ensuring users aren't tied to a PC if they want to enjoy internet radio.

Pure packages the technology in a contemporary device that feature styling reminiscent of the company's successful Evoke 1-S DAB Radio - but is the Evoke Flow all style and no substance?

Certainly not. Not only are we impressed with its design, which combines a glossy black finish with a chrome speaker, handle and dials as well as touch sensitive buttons on the digital OLED display, we also love the number of different features it offered.

Once we'd plugged the Pure Evoke Flow into the mains power (it can also be used as a portable radio if the optional ChargePAK rechargeable battery is purchased) you can select DAB or FM radio stations to listen.

Using the dials and touch sensitive buttons on the display, you can automatically or manually choose your desired station as well as saving up to 30 stations as presets and even making use of the alarm and sleep timer functions offered by the radio. We especially love the fact you can ‘snooze' the alarm by simply grabbing hold of the Pure Evoke Flow's chrome handle located on the top of the radio.

We tested the Pure Evoke Flow in an urban part of Kent and had no problems locating more than 50 different DAB radio stations within minutes. We are impressed with the volume achieved by the 3in speaker when you crank the device up to maximum volume.

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