There are many silicone skins for Apple's iPod, and the latest is from iPod gear specialist Proporta.

The Proporta Dual Skin Silicone Case for iPod nano features not one but two protective skins. These should prevent scratching and limit minor impact damage, and certainly stops the iPod slipping through your fingers with its distinctive side grips.

You can buy it in Black with Pink grips, White with clear grips, and grey/black.

There are the usual cutouts for access to the iPod's ports and controls so it is fully functional while wrapped up.

It comes with a "removable leash" or lanyard if you fancy swinging it around with you.

The Dual Skin Silicone Case prevents slips but this also means it doesn't slide in or out of you pocket as easily as it would uncased. Its double-layer skin probably offers better protection than one-skin silicon cases, but we doubt it would save the iPod from a particularly nasty drop.

The Dual Skin range is also available for the iPod touch, iPod classic and Apple iPhone.


The Proporta Dual Skin Silicone Case for iPod stands out from the silicon crowd with its two skins and fancy colour options.