Philips has opted for a more contemporary design with the new Philips AJ5100 DAB radio.

Sleek black plastic and a backlit digital display blend seamlessly with the iconic Philips grey speaker to offer a stylish finish to the crystal-clear sound of DAB radio.

The Philips AJ5100 can be mains operated or portable, which is ideal for long summer afternoons chilling in the garden (hoping of course, that Summer 2008 proves to be better than 2007).

The Philips AJ5100 is very easy to use and automatically scans the digital network for stations when it's turned on. A few moments spent paging through the endless list of stations is bound to throw up a choice of station that's right for you and with 10 presets that are easy to programme, your favourite stations are available at the press of a button.

New stations and services are constantly being added to the DAB network, but the Philips AJ5100's scan function takes just a few moments to pick up these new stations and add them to the radio's original list. The digital display can also be changed to include information on the bit rate and signal mode or the time and date.

The Philips AJ5100 doesn't just offer sleek styling and crystal sound; it encourages listeners to be green as well. The backlit digital display has an auto-dim function to save energy and a sleep timer, which can be set from between five and 90 minutes, ensures you can fall asleep listening to the radio without wasting energy.

For those used to traditional radio, the Philips AJ5100 will also receive FM broadcasts and allow you to programme 10 presets, although there is no comparison between the output on DAB and the output on FM, of course.

Our only complaint with the Philips AJ5100 is the position of the headphone socket, which is situated right next to the power output. To listen to the radio in bed on headphones, users will have to have a plug socket very close to their bed.


The Philips AJ5100 merges traditional Philips design with modern technology ensuring it will appeal to young and old alike. Priced at £49, even the headphone socket can't spoil this lovely radio.