There’s no doubt that music is a great motivator and, when we do indulge in pounding the streets, we’re never without our trusty MP3 player. We’re also keen to know just how far we’re running, the pace we’re keeping and, of course, the all important calories we’re burning (we don’t just run for fun, after all). Usually this would involve carrying a separate device, which only weighs us down. With the Nike + iPod Sensor system, however, we can have it all.

The Nike + iPod Sensor wireless system comprises two widgets, one that fits inside certain pairs of Nike trainers and one that connects to an iPod. These widgets then ‘talk’ to each other and measure the distance covered, the time taken, the pace achieved and even the calories burned.

We found the Nike + iPod Sensor very easy to set up. It was simply a case of plugging in the widgets and selecting Nike + in the iPod’s menu. We then programmed our workout with either a time, distance or calorie-burning goal. Selecting music was as simple as choosing a playlist and downloading a Nike + workout from iTunes – these can be continuously mixed tracks, combined with motivational coaching, or can simply allow an iPod to shuffle tracks.

While we ran, the time, distance covered, pace and calories burned were displayed on the iPod’s screen; audible stats were also given periodically or on-demand.

The Nike+ iPod Sensor also allowed us to assign a power song – one track that would really help us keep going.

The Nike + iPod Sensor informed us when we had completed our time, calorie or distance goals, then allowing us to end our workout by pressing the centre button twice or to continue with our workout. After a workout, data can be uploaded to the Nike + website in order to track progress and set further goals. Alternatively, progress can be measured on the iPod itself.

We did have a couple of gripes with the Nike + iPod Sensor, however: it is compatible only with an iPod nano (all generations) and, of course, you'll need to purchase certain models of Nike trainers.


We loved the Nike + iPod Sensor system and found it helpful as both a motivational tool and an aid to track progress. If you’re serious about getting fit and are quite happy on splashing out on some new trainers, the Nike + iPod Sensor is for you.